Who We Are

Rincon del Rio is committed to providing living-in-place accommodations with choice, control, and continuity of life-long connections and activities. Our goal is to eliminate social isolation while providing a continuum of care, if needed.

Our commitment to Rincon del Rio residents is “no bull.”


Our Team

We’re farmers, doctors, computer programmers, barbers, bakers, errand runners, Uber drivers, realtors, nurses, personal assistants, trainers, cooks, caddies, moving specialists, administrators, cleaning staff, yard maintenance workers, photographers, veterinarians, event planners, bus drivers, office workers, house painters, handy-men, engineers and land planners, attorneys, beauticians, travel agents, good listeners, teachers, resource staff, cosmetologists, security, window washers, architects, contractors, consultants of every stripe.

We are at your service. We’re right by your side when you need us, and working quietly behind the scenes the rest of the time. To get to know us all, you’ll have to move here. It’s going to be fun learning about one another.

Below is just a sample of the team that brings you Rincon del Rio.


Debbie Krogman

Has 30+ years of experience in real estate in this area. Debbie has learned what matters most: Earning her clients long-term trust, respect, and friendship. In a word, Debbie is the “BEST”.

Jim and Carol Young

want for you what they want for themselves: Abundant Living and Successful Aging in a community that offers familiar surroundings and culture in a natural environment.

Dale Creighton and SCO Planning and Engineering

have carefully considered all options and have designed a community with thoughtful placement and clustering of the housing. His company has valuable expertise in guiding projects through changing regulation and policy environments.


Francesco Francesco "Frank" Rockwood

is co-founder of Rockwood Pacific, a professional real estate advisory firm serving mission-based organizations committed to advancing wellness and longevity for older adults through better housing and better health care. Services provided include decision support, development services, financial advisory, and real estate transaction services.


Michael Kent Murphy

has over 35 years of experience as a licensed Architect in Northern California. Michael brings a lifetime of appreciation of art and nature to his designs in the Sierra Foothills. With over 300 projects in Northern California with 200 of them being residential, Michael has become an icon in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. His superior design ability can be easily recognized. His structures provide attractive and distinctive environments which retain their value and remain in demand.

Paul Gordon

has represented hundreds of seniors housing and care companies and investors since 1975 and practices exclusively in the area. Paul has been on the Executive Board of the American Seniors Housing Association since 1995, and serves as its legal counsel. He is former chair of the Legal Committee of Leading Age and the American Bar Association’s Committee on Housing for the Elderly. Hanson Bridgett LLP is a 165-lawyer San Francisco law firm with a specialty practice in seniors housing and long-term care, with supportive practices in business, real estate, labor and employment, employee benefits, litigation, health care and other disciplines.

Ready for the next step?

The possibilities at Rincon Del Rio are endless, but the opportunities are not. There are only 300 homes available. Please contact us today.
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