Superior Natural Amenities

Rincon del Rio’s natural environment is its foundation.

Nature Nearby; Health Along With It

Japanese researchers have shown that therapeutic time spent in a wooded setting realigns your body’s hormonal and cellular responses. One study showed that individuals who merely looked at a peaceful forest setting for 20 minutes experienced an average drop of 13.4% in salivary cortisol, a marker for stress. Subjects also benefitted from a lower pulse rate and blood pressure.

Doesn’t sound like it, but this is actual science: There are things called phytoncides. This is a self-protection chemical plants emit to guard against rotting and invasive pests. When humans breath in phytoncides, they activates our immune system’s “natural killer” (NK) cells which ward off infection and suppress cancer growth.

All natural environments—forests, oceans, mountains—teem with negative ions that energize the body on a cellular level. You can give your body a healthy dose of negative ions by walking in nature as often as possible. This will help lower inflammation, improve blood viscosity, help manage physical pain and emotional disturbance, enhance sleep and even lower cortisol levels.

Pay a visit to Rincon del Rio, take a walk or ride, and see if you can’t feel a difference.

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