Volunteering at Rincon del Rio

Volunteering and Aging and You

Sorry to be blunt, but at Rincon del Rio, we don’t believe in sitting around just waiting to die.

Make no mistake–we love to sit around and bask in nature’s beauty, in the pool, or maybe fish the hours away . . . Point is, there are lots of nice ways to pass the time. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But we don’t know many people who stop wanting to live, laugh, love, and connect with others simply because they’ve retired from work. And people don’t stop wanting to express their creativity or share their natural gifts once they turn 55 either.
We continue to want those things as long as we choose to keep that flame going. Often, the urge to get out and spread one’s wings gets stronger after retirement, not weaker. And there’s good reason for it.

Evidence has been pouring in during recent years to show what common sense already told us: continuing to be social, and working your mental and physical muscles, improves your health, increases longevity, and can even help fend off dementia.

(It’s really simple: being social and doing things tends to feel really good, if you do it right. No prescription required!)

An All-In-One Solution

And what activity manages to check off all those boxes at once? A pleasant social activity that exercises both your mind and your body? You guessed it: Volunteering.

Rincon del Rio is a natural nexus for volunteering opportunities in our local area. That local area–the beautiful Gold Country, halfway between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe–is absolutely bursting with options for volunteering, creative expression, social activity, and virtually anything else you might want to do to engage your mind and body.

Ready for the next step?

The possibilities at Rincon Del Rio are endless, but the opportunities are not. There are only 300 homes available. Please contact us today.
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