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The Project, as approved, offers services and housing in an “age-restricted campus setting” that includes independent living and assisted living/memory impairment housing.

Residents live in single-family cottages, attached units or apartments within a campus setting where they can rely on “age-in-place” care if ever needed or desired. The campus is designed to serve adults 55+, who are seeking to downsize their living environment but are still physically and socially active. Rincon del Rio offers 55+ residents a variety of housing options, all of which will be constructed with Universal Design principles aimed at ensuring an age-in-place option.

The Basic Structure is the land on which the Community is built is subdivided into two areas (a) the Residential Areas and (b) The Reserve (the service and recreational area and open space).

The Residential Areas consist of: (a) the Residences—lots with Cottages or Bungalows; (b) individual airspace Condominium Units (c) apartments on the second story of town center, and (d) Common Areas—the roads, landscaping and other improvements connecting the Residences and the Condominium Building Common Areas including but not limited to the land underlying the roads and the Condominium Building, and all of the structural and mechanical components, hallways and other areas surrounding the airspace Condominium Units. The Residences and Condominium Units are owned in fee simple by Homeowners and Homeowners have an undivided pro rata ownership share in the Common Areas based upon a formula set forth in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions Establishing a Plan of Common Interest Ownership for Rincon del Rio (“CC&Rs”).

The Project offers a self-contained Village environment with a variety of amenities and services including, but not limited to the following:

Transportation – There is private transportation (driver and car) as well as two para-transit vehicles, ADA equipped for the purposes of transporting residents within the facility to various business appointments, grocery and service needs, recreation and special events. Transportation will be provided on a daily basis.

Dining – Dining facilities will be available for breakfast, lunch and dinner for each phase of build out. In addition, food service venues such as lunch café /bistro, ice cream parlor, coffee shop/ book store and light eating areas will be provided. Meals prepared in the facility can be delivered to individual residences or residents can dine in the main dining or the café / bistro facility.

Care Center – The project will provide an on-site care center, CMT personnel and contract medical care including an on-site physician.

Indoor & Outdoor Recreation – The project provides many miles of improved walking trails, and soft surface trails throughout the property, general picnic areas and social gathering areas along Bear River, raised-bed community gardens, aquatic center, fitness center, bocce ball courts, tennis and pickle ball sports courts.

Daily Services –   Daily services for all residents will include swimming and exercise areas, grocery & sundry store, beauty shop/hair salon, barber shop, post office/mailbox room, personal, large and private gyms, business/computer center, appointment banking, theater, library, retail gift shop, arts / crafts areas and other industry-wide standard amenities.

The Subdivision/Campus will be governed by a Membership and Service Agreement regulated through the Bureau of Real Estate. Each owner/member of the campus is required to enter into the service and management agreement. The Community is a service-enriched common interest development for 55+, in which each Homeowner shall own a Residence or Condominium Unit, plus an undivided interest in the Common Areas, and will be entitled to become a Member of The Reserve. Each Homeowner shall be a member of the Homeowners’ Association (“HOA”). The Sponsor (Rincon del Rio Inc.) will employ a Professional Management Company to provide all the services and maintain the facilities of The Reserve and pursuant to a management contract with the HOA, will manage the Common Areas and provide various in-unit services.

The purpose of the ownership and management structure is to give Homeowners the financial and tax advantages of homeownership, with essentially the same freedom from managerial responsibility enjoyed in rental or entrance fee communities. The Community consists of three components, the Basic Structure, the Residential Areas and The Reserve. Details of the distinctive features are summarized below:

The Basic Structure is the land on which the Community is built is subdivided into two areas (a) the Residential Areas and (b) The Reserve (the service area). The Residential Areas are further subdivided into approximately 227 single-family Units (“Residences”) and 97 Air Space Condominium Units and the Common Areas. The Reserve provides the area for the care, hospitality, and support services.