Pocket Neighborhoods

Whether it’s a circle of huts in a primitive village or the ordered layout of a traditional town square, humans tend naturally to congregate around a shared center space, or commons.

Simply defined, a Pocket Neighborhood is styled to recapture the character and beauty of a time when people sat on front porches, grew their own vegetables, and chatted with neighbors. At the same time, while pocket designs promote community, they also have enough privacy and autonomy for homeowners to do their own thing. This is generally accomplished through clever design orientations. All driveways and garages are to the back, all front porches face the common area and related amenities—which could be anything from a lawn, to substantial landscaping, a pool, or outdoor kitchen.

Each household is a singular entity, sufficient for daily activities, while the shared space allows for group activities and fosters relationships among those who live around it. The Rincon del Rio Pocket Neighborhood is bordered by Rincon Way and the Cottages. It is adjacent to the village square and the event green.

There are 41 Garden Bungalow Units in the Pocket Neighborhood and they range in size from 1,500 to 1,575+ square feet. They are fabulous.