Like Mark Cuban said -

“Wherever I see people doing something the way it’s always been done, the way it’s ‘supposed’ to be done, following the same old trends, well, that’s just a big red flag to me to go look somewhere else.”

And so, when investigating a 55+ place to live, I did look somewhere else: My own 215-acre back yard. Sadly, long-established senior housing providers are very reluctant to accept the Rincon del Rio concept:

An equity investment designed as an Agrihood with a working Business Center the residents can use, a small village at the heart of the project, gardening spaces, 80% open space, rich cultural experiences in the small towns of Grass Valley and Auburn, and the opportunity to help design your own home. There’s lots about the concept behind Rincon del Rio that confounds established senior housing developers.

Their thinking is simple enough:

We have been in this industry for decades and have built many units for old-folks. Our residents accept and pay for whatever we have always offered them. Our product is driven by industry-approved demand surveys and one-size fits all design created by senior-housing architects who do this for a living. This Rincon del Rio thing looks like a lot of unnecessary work and risk. We think 65+ folks like the products we’re building.

While it has taken nearly a decade, we have finally found the right housing and open space mix. Our plan surpasses common senior-housing industry standards. That’s because the unique quality of the site demands a ‘holistic’ approach. This ensures residents stay active and independent.

That’s common industry jargon—easy to throw around. The reality, however, requires building a community that has a sense of place and is context-sensitive.

It is difficult to incorporate design improvements that enhance not only functional requirements, but also aesthetics. Life can get repetitive, consistent, and complacent. Falling into a life of complacency is dangerous. Rincon del Rio presents opportunities and encourages you to take risks that are out of your comfort zone. Live where things are constantly changing, growing, and evolving.

Rincon del Rio is distinctive and remarkable. It represents real change in 55+ living. You really should consider a visit.


Rincon del Rio has approximately 10 acres of land determined to be “Farmlands of State Importance” which is key to the project. The community design utilizes these 10 acres for gardening sites for residents and a commercial ranch growing farm-to-fork produce for the on-site dining facilities.

Fitness and wellness amenities are popular across all property types. Outdoor spaces when available add extreme value to the living equation. What sets this project apart is the priceless, organic areas maintained for enjoyment by residents, their families and other guests. That is what makes this project unique to California.

Universal Design

No matter where you choose to live within Rincon del Rio, you will find commonalities among all our lodging options: All construction is universal design for ‘easy living’ with ‘green design’ for a sustainable community.

With attributes such as zero-threshold doors and bathrooms (wet rooms), no-step entries, and wider doorways and halls. Each of the living units will be furnished with a full kitchen including refrigerator/freezer, range/cooktop with oven, microwave drawers, washer/dryers (residential units),

numerous windows and lighting schemes, floor coverings (specified by resident), safety/call alarms, fire sprinkler systems, individually controlled heating/cooling, Wi-Fi, and community closed circuit and communication devices. All units have a porch/balcony/patio. Basic utilities are included in the monthly service fee, and all detached units have private garages.

A major amenity is a small downtown that provides an alternative location for many of the functions traditionally located in outdated, uncomfortable, expense-laden central club houses. The Community includes central pavilions, activity spaces and multi-purpose gathering areas. There are restaurants and snack/sports bars, extensive exercise facilities/trails as well as both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Technology is integral and inherent in all community planning and includes universal Wi-Fi and a community cable television station, state-of-the art community-wide security systems, and several dining options open to the broader, surrounding communities.

The Community

is clustered to encourage walkability and has an extensive transportation plan that reduces the residents’ need to maintain private vehicles.

The Bear River runs through the project offering spectacular views and recreational opportunities. Because space is not a restraint, each of the proposed seven neighborhoods has its unique “spontaneous gathering area” such as an outdoor kitchen and large BBQ area, a sand volleyball (beach ball) area with tables, benches, etc. These areas are meant to compliment the central village green and square and encourage activity across neighborhoods.

Ready for the next step?

The possibilities at Rincon del Rio are endless, but the opportunities are not. There are only 300 homes available. Please contact us today.

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