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How does Rincon Del Rio differ from Active Adult Developments or Independent Living Facilities?

There are similarities, but really no comparison: Like Rincon del Rio, most of these facilities are equipped with standard safety features making it easier for residents to get around. These communities are wonderful places for seniors to be with others that share similar interests. Recreational activities are planned by the community, including day field trips, shopping excursions and on-premise projects. Most facilities offer optional meal plans for residents and some living units are equipped with kitchens.

However, we know of no facility in this region that is situated in a rural setting with miles of serene walking trails and “nature spots” designed for quiet enjoyment. We are not familiar with any that take a holistic approach dedicated to addressing residents’ entire well-being.

While other communities may offer wellness programs, there are usually no care options available. Rincon Del Rio has provisions for you to age-in-place. In other communities, an unfortunate health event will most likely force a move—and at a time when you are at your most vulnerable.

At Rincon del Rio we want you in your home, safe and close to your friends and familiar surroundings. We think this is vital to your well-being no matter how challenging the situation. We have a doctor on site and will work together to have trained professionals available to help you maintain your daily routines. The Rincon Del Rio team will do whatever it takes to meet your needs.

Do we always have to eat in the dining room?

No. You can certainly order your meal “To Go”, eat at the Deli or Grill, have your meal delivered, or prepare it in your own kitchen. 

Are there meals on the menu for people with special diets?

Yes! All of our nutritious meals are prepared with your health in mind. However, low-salt items, non seasoned food and vegetarian dishes are available daily.

Do you have extra storage available?

Yes! A storage unit is available for any resident that requests one.

Do you have assigned seating in your dining room?

No. We offer an open seating policy and encourage residents to mingle and meet other people.

Are you affiliated with any religious organization?

No. We are open to the public and not affiliated with any religion.

Do you have a moving assistance program?

Yes. Our trained staff will arrange all of your moving details including realtor referrals, telephone transfers, packing, moving, unpacking, change of address, etc.

Can I sign up for local volunteer opportunities?

Yes. We have a partnership with several local entities with a goal of strengthening bonds to the community and supporting local causes. 

Can my guests spend the night and also join me in the dining room?

Yes! We love to have guests. Your guests can stay with you or we can provide guest rooms and meal passes at nominal fees. For large parties, you can reserve our private dining room.

What is Universal Design?

Ron Mace, one of the original universal design movement leaders had this definition: “Universal Design is the design of products and environments to be useable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design.”

Universal Design is the process of embedding choice for all people in the things we design.

Choice involves flexibility, and multiple alternative means of use and/or interface. People includes the full range of people regardless of age, ability, sex, economic status, etc.  Things include spaces, products, information systems and any other things that humans manipulate or create.

Can I keep my own doctors?

Yes! Rincon Del Rio is about choice—what’s best for you and how we can help make it happen.

What is ala carte medicine?

At Rincon Del Rio, emphasis is placed on continuing wellness, physical fitness, and maintenance of everyone’s highest level of self-care and independence. There are times, however, when assistance may be required.

When these circumstances arise, you are responsible only for services you request. For example, suppose a resident suffers a serious fall. After being released from the hospital, they come home (usually after a short stay at a rehabilitation/nursing facility) where we provide recuperative care. Another resident living next door needs no assistance, yet another needs help only with a daily insulin injection. The fee structure for each is adjusted to represent fee for service only.

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine is a new style of practice, in which doctors limit their patient base in order to provide patients with personalized service, high quality care, 24×7 access, and other amenities.

In exchange for this enhanced personal attention, patients pay the doctor a retainer fee which enables physicians to increase their compensation while reducing their workload. In addition to receiving a retainer fee, most concierge physicians continue to receive reimbursements from health plans and private pay clients.

Why move from my current home?

You may not want to. Rincon Del Rio is entirely about choice.  A decision to move here should not be a decision driven by need. As you consider your future options, you may decide that your home may require little maintenance or care. It may be constructed in a way that will allow for easy renovation if your physical condition should require wider halls and door openings and easy access to showers, etc.

You may not want or need the social stimulation, amenities, housekeeping/maintenance, and delightful meal options offered by our community.  Isolation, depression, and dependence on a care provider are problems some people haven’t considered.  

There will always be people who choose to remain in their homes as they age. Others are interested in living in more convenient residences, paring down their maintenance responsibilities, and participating in organized activities as well as spontaneous social gatherings.

What we offer you is a stylish home, beautiful surroundings and open space, personalized service and an array of amenities, programs, and recreation. We provide opportunities for you to volunteer and stay relevant. Your new home will never require you to worry about maintenance. You will find an overall philosophy of low-stress living.

Will there be a variety of housing environments?

Most certainly. Some group homes are constructed with a large central kitchen and great room with individual apartments attached. The objective is to encourage the residents to come together to prepare an evening meal and participate in social activities while still maintaining the privacy of their personal accommodations.

Other units are stand alone housing with community amenities (such as an outdoor kitchen area) in close proximity. There are condominiums as well.

In our community we are more focused on life-style than home ownership. This is not just another traditional active-senior development. We are taking a humanistic approach engineered to address all aspects of your health, safety, and well being. But probably most important: here you can age in a place without ever having to relocate.