According to the Urban Land Institute, an Agrihood is a master-planned housing community with a working farm as its focus. Agrihoods have ample green space, barns, and outdoor community kitchens. Rincon del Rio includes greenhouses and rows and rows of fruit trees. Agrihoods represent a confluence of economic profits (better foods at lower costs), environmental good, and social benefit. 

In a few decades, agrihoods may be the norm as 73 percent of Americans highly prioritize access to farm fresh, healthy foods.

Twenty-five years ago, moving near a golf course was a status symbol; the real estate was highly prized, in large part because of the green space and the views. Things are changing. Today there are communities where the residents care more about where their food is grown than their  tee time. Some places have gone so far as turning the golf course into a community garden.

Rincon del Rio has a disc golf range, but decided against becoming a regular golf community. For one thing, there are 5 championship golf courses with about 10 minutes. But more important, we decided our buyers wanted to live in a genuine environment, not around a manicured golf course.

When you purchase your home at Rincon del Rio, you will have access to a community farm with orchards and workshop space, raised planters, in-ground crops, fruit trees, personal raised-bed plots, and a laundry list of seasonal community farm events.

Of course, we know that not all residents want to cultivate food themselves, but the green atmosphere is widely appealing. We don’t know of anyone wanting to live at Rincon with the intention of being a full-time farmer, so the farm and livestock operation are professionally managed. Take heart! Your gardening plot (raised or in ground) is all yours!

If gardening isn’t your thing but you still love the freshest, most delicious food, the farmer’s market will feature just-picked farm fresh produce—even filling special orders.  Of course, the on-site restaurants serve food grown on the Community Farm whenever possible.

As we planned Rincon del Rio, creating the farm was a no brainer because it creates significant advantages for our community members.

  1. Lifestyle that is Hard to Find
  2. Activated Community with Sense of Place and Sense of Purpose
  3. Local, Quality Food
  4. Rare Amenity (picking a ripened peach off your own tree is a priceless delight)
  5. Direct Contact with Nature and Farm (and farmers)
  6. Aesthetics that are very, very hard to reproduce elsewhere.

Watching the sun set over a corn field is a beautiful, authentic experience, and a great treat when you eat an ear at dinner. (It’s nice if you cut the kernels off the cob because it’s easier to get adequate butter and seasonings in every bite . . . in other words, a disguised butter delivery system.)

It is very satisfying to know that nature is working around the clock to guarantee tomorrow’s fresh fare, and that you will be there to say “Thank you,” personally.

(If you want a deeper dive, NCAT/ATTRA has a great page with more information about agrihoods here.)