Our vision is

Abundant Living and Successful Aging for our Active 55+ Residents.

Rincon del Rio is located in Nevada County, California. The community sits on 225 acres bordering the Bear River. Eighty-five percent of the property is reserved as open space with miles of walking and equestrian trails. The river provides a welcoming environment for a variety of water fowl as does the three-acre pond. Situated at 1,200 feet, the community is below the snow of the Sierras and above the fog of the Sacramento Valley.

Below is a short video that will give you an idea what Rincon del Rio is all about. If you find that it speaks to you, we hope you’ll choose to speak to us, using the handy form just below. We look forward to the conversation!

We are

an Intentional Living Community. This is to say, one constructed to provide living-in-place accommodations with choice, control, and continuity of life-long connections and activities. Our goal is to eliminate social isolation and give all residents the option of living comfortably in their own home no matter how challenging the circumstances. Our commitment to Rincon del Rio residents is

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Man-made amenities are easy—and desirable. Pretty much everyone enjoys a swimming pool, sports courts, and a well-equipped gym. Rincon del Rio has all the things other communities offer and more: Things like an outdoor fitness track, disc golf, and a driving range with putting green so residents can find amusement for themselves and visitors. That part was easy—just took some space and money.

But creating natural beauty and sense of place isn’t so simple. You can’t really build them, that’s up to nature. To have the kind of beauty and serenity we’re talking about, you have to find a very special place and then fiercely protect that environment so residents can easily achieve private, exclusive contentment every single day. Beyond Value.

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Home is not just where you live, but where they understand you. People 55+ are no different from younger people in wanting choice where and how they live their lives. There is rich diversity among our 55+ population and a one-size-fits-all approach is no longer valid.

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Rincon del Rio’s defining characteristic is the combination of service-enriched housing (physical and social needs) with a continuum-of-care paradigm. The campus is rural in nature without even a hint of an institutional environment but rather the quiet knowledge exceptional care meeting discerning standards is available on-site if it is ever needed.

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The possibilities at Rincon del Rio are endless, but the opportunities are not. There are only 300 homes available. Please contact us today.

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