Rincon del Rio means ~ “Bend of The River” – Like a river, you may have noticed lately that your life is gently changing course.  We have some ideas about that we think you might find interesting – maybe even life altering.

We are an Intentional Living Community. This is to say, one constructed to provide aging-in-place accommodations that emphasize choice, control, and continuity of life-long connections and activities. Our goal is to guard against social isolation by building community among members, organizing local resources, and providing all the services needed to insure our residents are enabled to stay in their home in our community no matter how challenging the circumstances.

How is this accomplished? This isn’t just about ramps and grab bars, or even wider doors and hallways. This is about a system designed with your entire well being in mind, managed by a responsive, reliable, knowledgeable staff.

Our Life Enhancement Center has a fully staffed medical clinic and a doctor who gladly makes house calls. And while first-rate medical care is certainly important, Rincon del Rio recognizes that vitality and happiness have other components. We provide services designed to address your spiritual health, your nutritional needs, and on-going education and interests.

Of course we offer standard amenities such as an aquatic center, gourmet dining, a gymnasium, etc. But more than these customary activities, Rincon del Rio encourages you to participate in neighborhood decisions and community projects such as the raised-bed vegetable gardens. We offer classes sponsored by Sierra College and we actively interface with the county library and Nevada County Adult Education. We want our residents to thrive—it’s who we are—it’s in our DNA.

And all these tools for independent living are offered to you in one of the most beautiful settings in Northern California. Make time to contemplate the rising sun, the trees and birds, the open space. Together they generate a sense of gratitude for each new day.

The Rincon del Rio community is the embodiment of social, emotional, and spiritual well being. Here you can live in peace in the present because you have taken steps to make peace with the future. Residents here have decided to remain in charge of their own lives.

One word of caution: Making the most of the day can be addictive. Proceed with caution and watch for signs of elation, enjoyment, laughter, gratitude, and other pleasant sensations and feelings.

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