Universal Design

In your lifetime, you may have owned the “perfect home”. You may still be living in it, but are beginning to notice that although the “perfect house” hasn’t changed, you have—and it no longer fits your needs as it once did.
No matter where you choose to live within the community, you will find some commonalities in all lodging: All construction is universal design for “easy living” with “green design” and materials for a sustainable community.
The concept of Universal Design is simple: A home that is accommodating and convenient for all users at all stages of life. They are carefully designed for multiple users in the same space.
To the casual eye, there is nothing that indicates ‘need’ but rather, beautiful design:
  • Wide doors and hallways
  • Ground level entrances / Zero step thresholds
  • Emergency call systems / Lever door handles
  • Easy accessibility to all rooms
  • Electric outlets at eye level
  • Large lavatories / Roll-in showers
  • Walls built to accommodate grab bars if needed
  • Adjustable counter and sink heights
  • Roll under sinks and counters