Natural Amenities

Bear RiverRincon del Rio is located in – Nevada County, California. The community sits on 215 acres bordering the Bear River. Eighty percent of the property is reserved as  open space with miles of walking and equestrian trails. The river provides a welcoming environment for a variety of water fowl as does the three – acre pond. Situated at 1,200 feet, the community is below the snow of the Sierras and above the fog of the Sacramento Valley.

Even though we are located within five minutes of doctors and hospitals, shopping and restaurants, the community itself is situated in quiet seclusion. There is little light intrusion insuring beautiful clear nights, and we are fortunate to have had nature supply numerous vistas and quiet spots for contemplation.

The weather is temperate during the winter which allows for year-around agriculture in our raised-bed community vegetable gardens. The atmosphere is natural, relaxed, and casual and almost begs you to enjoy all the natural beauty that surrounds you.

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