Assisted Living

When you become part of the Rincon del Rio community, you will most likely live in independent housing. Challenges may demand, at one time or another, a stay in Assisted Living. Rincon del Rio does not force a continuum of care, and each resident is encouraged to have gratitude each day one day at a time as healing occurs. If you find yourself ready and wanting to return to independent housing, you are welcomed to and supported in doing so.

If needed, there is an on-site staff dedicated to Palliative Care and Hospice. Their goal is to help reduce both the physical pain and emotional suffering caused by the symptoms of advanced illness. This is accomplished by anticipating, preventing, and relieving suffering regardless of the stage of disease. As with all things Rincon del Rio, the focus is enhancing quality of life by providing the right care at the right time.

Although Rincon del Rio has a Hospice Residence, please consider that Hospice is not necessarily a physical place—it is a service that comes to wherever you are living. Because everyone’s situation will be different, there will be a specific, personalized plan tailored to changing needs when and if needed. – You are a product of your environment so choose the environment that will best develop you.

Life is Change. Growth is optional. Choose Wisely.