Walk on a trail, hike to the top of the river canyon, jumpstart your exercise program, recharge your energy, grab onto a healthier future, and fall in love with life again. Start with a morning walk, choose from daily group activities or hit the bike routes to enjoy the sunny weather and matchless scenery.

You see, we suspect that you already know what to do to live a healthier, more balanced life. What’s missing is the roadmap to make change manageable and convenient.  The activities available at ~ Rincon del Rio ~ will offer strategies that really work. You may be surprised by the degree to which moderate exercise can positively impact your entire life.

In all our activities we stress “body wisdom” by teaching you about movements that will help your body “self-correct” patterns of tension, pain and postural misalignment. We offer classes where you’ll use breath, sound and gently controlled movements to increase comfort and ease in body and mind.

But most of all, we know that you have to really enjoy what you are doing for an activity to become an integral part of living better, happier, and independently. How high on your list of things to do today is “something fun”? Through interactive, playful activities, you’ll reconnect with the wisdom that children have instinctively: that joy is paramount to a fulfilling life.

All our group activities are planned with these guiding principles in mind and, given a chance, will become second nature to our residents.

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Carol Young is a resident of Auburn, CA in Nevada County one of the most beautiful places on earth.Along with her husband Jim and their children Mac and Aubree, the family partnership is developing an active-adult community with a working farm to provide farm-to-fork dining for the residents, 80% open space, and a genuine “sense of place”.They all agree that “Nature is our Niche” and want to build a community for people to live the best years of their lives with a renewed spirit of purpose.

If you have suggestions or questions for Rincon del Rio, please contact Carol: